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AirArms TX200SR .22

TX200SR Mk2 in .22. beautiful walnut stock. superb original condition.

Excerpts on the history and make up of  this rifle courtesy of

Conceived and developed by  Ken Turner containing a “recoil suppression device” - a rail inside the stock that allows the action to move rearward on synthetic bearings during the firing process, minimising the recoil felt by the shooter and thus reducing the hold sensitivity of the rifle.

Around the end of 1993, an anti-bear trap device was added to the rifle in this Mk2 version. 

The muzzle end assemble is a one piece assemble with a built in silencer and the under-lever catch below. The catch uses a simple sprung ball mechanism with a synthetic stop to prevent over-travel.

As with all the TX range, the SR benefits from a 12 groove precision choked Walther barrel.

The SR received rave reviews, early sales remained strong and in 1993 it was awarded Air Rifle of the Year by Airgun World.

With production of the SR ceasing in 1998 it had a relatively short life of around 6 years with total sales around 1500.
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