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Theoben SLR88 FT Imperator HE .177

This is a rare beast. Only one of 6 made in this configuration. The FT is an out and out target rife. Supremely accurate. 

Where the SLR88 wins is the effort and time lavished on every one. Beautifully made, full of innovation, and they shoot very nicely indeed. From this rifle Theoben found its next generation of rifles, and very good they were too.

The blacking on a Theoben rifle is superb and the idiosyncracy of red/ purple tones are allegedly metal pieces of the construction that have been heat treated whilst being hardened.

I spoke to Ben Taylor about a malfunctioning under lever catch. Ben very kindly talked me through a home service / remedy which now makes for a much more positive connection. This model also has a replacement single shot tray. These were items that regularly got chewed up, and so to have an original one in such pristine condition is a joy.  

The stock is superb and the signature ‘tiger stripes’ are irredescent in the sunlight, which is only when she comes out to play!

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