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HW Zephyr 77 .177

The Zephyr 77 was produced and distributed by the Airgun Centre Essex.

A lovely French walnut stock. The action contained the now famous PTFE coated piston and spring.

Theoben designed the zephyr piston configuration. To keep friction co-efficient the walls of the piston head are concave, giving two narrow edges of contact against the cylinder walls. The ‘crows foot’ piston seal has channels cut across its surface which feeds the compressed air to the transfer port.

Theoben also produced a lovely silencer and lock-up unit for these to complete the whole package. Produced circa 1986.

Including scope weight is about 11 lbs. 

There are two .177 Zephyr 77’s pictured opposite. One of which is completely original inside and is currently for sale. The other has V-glided internals by Steve Pope and although less original, is my preferred action, which I am keeping for now. 


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