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Sportsmatch GC2 Mk3 .177

Sportsmatch GC2 Mk3.  This rifle is #190, famous because it was owned by Terry Doe and was his world champion winning gun. It also features a fantastic John Welhanm stock, which reputedly took over 6  months to make. 

In the mid 1980's, John Ford of Sportsmatch was interested in developing the ultimate 'Rolls Royce' of air rifles that performed better than anything else available. To this end he linked up with Gerald Cardew to design the rifle. The GC2 was the finalised design which was announced about 1987 and at the time was the most expensive air rifle available with a price tag in excess of £750.

The operating system of the GC2 is different to the majority of pcp rifles owing to its dump valve design. The firing action of the GC2 is extremely fast as it only has one moving part - i.e. the valve stem.

One criticism of the GC2 is that it isn't the most air efficient rifle - true, but it provides sufficient shots to complete a full 50 shot FT course of fire with a good number more available.

Despite the youngest GC2's being well into their teens, they are still capable of holding their own against any of the current models of rifle used in FT.

Basic differences between the marks:

Mk1 - non user adjustable for power, name engraved on breech block, 5 slot muzzle brake, bayonet q/f adaptor;

Mk2 - power adjuster added in charging button, IIRC button diameter increased to ease cocking effort, name now anodised in gold on breech block rather than engraved, 5 slot muzzle brake, bayonet q/f adaptor;

Mk3 - longer cylinder and barrel fitted, muzzle brake shortened with only two active slots, third dummy slot added for looks. Improved cocking action, more shots per fill, new 'ball detente' quick fill system (vastly superior to earlier version), breech block lengthened by 25mm in front of loading tray to allow for larger scopes to be fitted easily.

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