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Feinwerkbau 124

The FWB 124 is a firm favourite of mine.

This particular gun has had something of a makeover. The gun was originally engraved by Don blocksidege, but done in the style where the engraving effect cuts through the blacking to reveal the silver metal below (a very shallow effect). Perhaps this had been a presentation piece? Who knows?

I asked Don if he would take it on,(already in his early 80’s) and take his time to re-work the engraving and build upon the original to create somethig that he would be proud of. Don didn’t hold back.

The action was re-blacked by Colin Mollow who did a cracking job. Lyn Lewington fitted a v-mach set up and fettled accordingly, which improved the consistency, power levels and accuracy.

The original alloy trigger blade is still in the gun, and whilst it is no rekord trigger (and a little heavy) it still affords great accuracy.

The stock was carved from some American Walnut, by Frederik Van Breen. A tyrolean pattern, extended to match my pull length, with pistol grip swell and a more robust trigger guard instated. Chequered to match an old Tyrolean FWB 150 pattern. Frederik also made up a steel plate for the pistol grip which Don also engraved. 

The result combines to great effect in my humble opinion. 

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